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Smart Kitchen is an Online Cooking School geared to the home cook where our goal is to help you become a celebrity chef in your own kitchen for only $9.99/month. Smart Kitchen teaches cooking online with close to 500 simple, bite-sized exercises, over 250 of which are illustrated with detailed cooking videos. And if you miss something the first time, or forget something in 6 months, you can watch the cooking videos again, 24 hours-a-day / 7 days-a-week, because with your membership, Smart KItchen offers unlimited access to our cooking lessons so you can learn to cook at your convenience and on your schedule.

In addition, Smart Kitchen has re-thought and modernized cooking lessons. Our 5 major new "proprietary learning concepts," tons of custom cooking charts, cooking tables, images and detailed text based cooking instruction make learning to cook restaurant-quality meals easy.

The best thing about Smart Kitchen's cooking lessons is that everything is organized in a progressive cooking curriculum, moving from the simplest cooking ideas to more complex culinary techniques. You can follow the Smart Kitchen cooking lesson plan, exercise by exercise, like a culinary school online, or just pick and choose which cooking videos to explore from any of the Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Levels' online cooking lessons.

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From the Smart Kitchen Blog:

Posted 09/16/2014 By P Chef
It is not yet SkyNet from the Terminator Movies, but a new machine from Momentum Machines (the link goes to their site), will soon be giving the low-skilled, professional burger flippers a run for their money, if it performs as advertized..

It is interesting to watch history in the making. While we see demonstrations for an increased minimum wage on TV, there is not very much coverage of a product which will benefit hugely from increased labor costs in the restaurant kitchen. If we were the demonstrators, we would be going back to school, even to Smart Kitchen, to bone up on… read more

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"I have just discovered your site...it's fantastic, congratulations on a great concept & easy to use program."
-Veronica S. Queensland, Aus.

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