Author Topic: Best sourdough for bread  (Read 111640 times)


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Best sourdough for bread
« on: May 19, 2015, 10:01:15 PM »
Teaching chef, when I was younger I worked in a great pizza restaurant.  Top winner year after year in my home town.  We made sourdough from scratch every day, but it used active yeast from the store.  I read online where it is better to make your sourdough starter by adding water and flour (either unbleached universal or rye (rye being the more active)) and letting it set on the counter top with a cover that allows air flow (muslin or cheesecloth).

Feed it twice a day with more flour/water.  After a week, ya got  a sourdough starter that goes in the mixer in place of the dry active yeast.

I read where the air is important, so in San Francisco, they have the best air for the starter and therefore the "best" sourdough.  I'm in Tucson.  The air here is ok.  I can make this and ferment it.

I learned the hard way to not over-ferment it or allow too much air.

What are your teachings?  Any way to change the air or a different flour?  Any health concerns?  Tips, ideas?

Thank you very much for this website.  I came across another that was here and found it just as exciting.

- Eric