Breakfast Steak
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A Breakfast Steak, is another Beef cut, like London Broil, that does not have an exact definition. In general a Breakfast Steak is a smaller, 5 oz. (141.7 g) untrimmed (with fat along the end), beef steak that is eaten as breakfast or alongside eggs. The concept of a Breakfast Steak is English, though others such as Americans, Canadians, etc. do eat them for breakfast.


Depending on what the butcher has an abundance of, Breakfast Steaks can be butchered from The Sirloin, the Top Round, or the Sirloin Tip (Round Tip).


This Steak can also be known by the following names, Knuckle Steak, Round Knuckle Peeled, Sirloin Tip Steak and Tip Center Steak.

Culinary Uses

Breakfast Steaks are usually intermediately tender and because of their small size are usually able to be cooked with a Dry Heat Method such as Broiling, Grilling, Sautéing or Pan-Frying.  Breakfast Steaks will cook quickly but should not be overcooked or they will dry out.

A Breakfast Steak can also stand some Tenderizing or at least a bit of Basting with a Fat such as Olive Oil to prevent it drying out.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie