Culotte Steaks
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At Smart Kitchen, Culotte Steak refers to a Tri-Tip Steak cut from the Triangle Tip or Tri-Tip of the Bottom Sirloin Sub-Primal Cut.  Optimally, Culotte Steaks should be cut ¾ of an inch (1.9 cm) thick and should have moderate Marbling for best flavor. 


There is another steak called a Coulotte Steak which comes from the Sirloin Cap. To avoid undue confusion, we spell the Sirloin Cap steak “Coulotte” and the Tri-Tip Steak “Culotte.”

Culinary Uses

Moist Heat Cooking Method should be used with this tougher cut of meat, unless MarinadesRubs, or other Tenderizing are to prepare it for cooking with a Dry Heat Method.

Low Fat


Low Calorie