Top Sirloin Cap
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 The Top Sirloin Cap, NAMP 184D, is also known as the Coulotte, the Knuckle, or a Round Sirloin Tip Roast. It is derived from the flat triangular cap muscle that sits on top of the Top Sirloin Butt.

 The Top Sirloin Cap can be merchandized whole or as Roasts labeled Coulotte or as the ubiquitous London Broil. It can also be cut into a Sirloin Cap Steak.

 The Sirloin Cap Steak, NAMP 1184D,  is one of the steaks sometimes called Coulotte Steak, and it is cut from NAMP 184D, the triangular, flat, muscle (biceps femoris) that sits above and over the Top Sirloin (gluteus medius muscle). The other coulotte steak comes from the Tri-Tip of the Bottom SirloinSub-Primal Cut.

 It is a juicy and a good value that can be portioned into: cubes or pieces for Kabob or Stir Fry, smaller steaks or cooked and served whole. It is lean, but with the most marbling of any steak in the Top Sirloin, and has good flavor, and decent tenderness with no gristle.

 The tenderness issues can be handled by Marinating and/or Tenderizing before cooking quickly with a Dry Heat Method, like Broiling or Grilling, or more slowly with a Moist Heat Method. Sirloin Cap Steaks may require additional fat added when cooking with a dry heat method.

 The Top Sirloin Cap does not have any gristle or connective tissue. Because it is a long and thin cut, look for the largest Top Sirloin Cap, especially if cutting it crosswise into Coulotte Steaks, to increase the surface area for Caramelization. For a whole Top Sirloin Cap, allow 6-9 oz (170-255 g) of meat per person.

 The Top Sirloin Cap is often a bargain that is well-suited to dry Roasting, Broiling, Grilling, and Pan Frying. A Marinade or Rub can enhance the end-results and even with the most Marbling of the whole lean Top Sirloin, the Top Sirloin Cap may still need additional fat when cooking.

 The Top Sirloin Cap can also be Pot Roasted, Braised or cut into cubes for Kabobs or strips for Stir Frying.  The coulotte does not contain any gristle or connective tissue. Though tender, it is fairly lean and may need additional fat when cooking. Because this muscle is long and thin, look for the largest coulotte, especially if cutting it crosswise into steaks, to increase the surface area for browning. Amount to Buy: for a whole roast allow 6-9 oz (170-255 g) of meat per person.