About Smart Kitchen
About Smart Kitchen

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What Makes our Kitchen Smart?

SmartKitchen.com emulates the classic culinary education, where 250 basic techniques are taught in an expensive, year(s) long "Lecture then Practice" style. SmartKitchen.com educates, online at your convenience, and within your budget in a similar fashion but with video & text lessons that lead to a hands on "Practical Application" of the information covered. The technology behind Smart Kitchen™ has been in use since 1999 in the leading teaching-aid for the professional culinary world, employed by over 1,600 commercial kitchens to train their chefs. Over three years Smart Kitchen™ has refined and customized the approach specifically for the home market. The result is "The Smartest Way to Learn to Cook like a Chef, from the Comfort of Your Own Home. ™"

We've put all this proprietary education online because our goal is to spread culinary knowledge as far as possible. We want people to improve their gastronomic experiences, build their palettes, save money on eating out (by cooking in), and create more healthful meals for themselves and their families.

And it is catching on. We are growing quickly from a small staff of chefs, technologists and business people. You'll notice in our biographies that we are either poor portrait photographers or not about that. It is the latter. We are not about egos or celebrities. We try to focus on the techniques, ingredients and end product in all things, even our portraits. Come join us and experience how the chefs of tomorrow will learn; and in the process become a chef today.

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