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Welcome to Smart Kitchen's Affiliate Program

Smart Kitchen is a fresh online cooking school that is "The Smartest Way to Learn to Cook™".

At Smart Kitchen, we teach our members to think and cook like chefs using Videos, Images, Charts, Text, & Novel Teaching Concepts. All of our instruction is organized into a Curriculum with 30 Lessons comprised of hundreds of specific exercises. We are focused on helping the home cook eat better, cook better, save money & save time.

Unlike most other cooking sites, Smart Kitchen is not a video library where you watch entertainers cooking various dishes. Smart Kitchen is also not a recipe bank. On the contrary, Smart Kitchen is a place for food lovers to learn to become improvisational chefs, starting with the fundamentals and moving on up to the most advanced techniques. The curriculum is progressive, where each exercise builds on the one before it.

Smart Kitchen offers a tremendous value when compared to traditional culinary school costs and time requirements – and our members can learn from the comfort of their computers on their own terms and at any time.

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An Overview of Smart Kitchen's Affiliate Program

Smart Kitchen seeks to align itself and partner with web-savvy, discriminating yet passionate "foodies” who want to provide their site visitors with the gift of fine cooking.

As a Participating Smart Kitchen Affiliate Website or Blog, you can educate your food or cooking site visitors so they fully understand and execute the recipes and dishes you cover – or serve up a great resource to visitors that are already on your site and interested in online culinary instruction. While you are at it, you can easily earn a continuing commission for every new subscription sale that is generated from your website at*!

Smart Kitchen's interest in working with food media, authors, bloggers, chefs and foodies like you is to share our resources and cooking knowledge via your website – where interested people can really use it. We are not looking for the biggest bloggers and websites on earth, but Smart Kitchen seeks the most passionate, talented and hands-on authors and personalities out there. If you care about your content and your readers (that are in any way interested in food and cooking), please sign up as an affiliate today to earn 30% recurring commission*!

Key Selling Benefits: What Will Deliver for Your Site's Visitors

Program Details: What's In It for You as a Smart Kitchen Affiliate?

We are always working on additional ways to add value to our relationships with affiliates like you, including potential backlinks to your content on Smart Kitchen, a recipe writer that will correctly format and display recipes, a shopping list program and some other exciting initiatives that we were are cooking up for a future serving for our affiliates! If you have ideas on how Smart Kitchen can improve this affiliate program, Please Email Us & Let Us Know What You Think.

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How Much Can You Earn as a Smart Kitchen Affiliate?

Smart Kitchen will offer the following affiliate commissions to valid and eligible affiliates based on the two Subscription Plans we offer – a 30% ongoing commission*!

Subscription ($USD) Affiliate Commission
(Basic Affiliates)*
Monthly ($9.99) $2.99/month/subscription sold*
Annual ($99.00) $2.48/month/subscription maintained*
Gift Subscription
(many options)
30% of value of gift subscription*

Commissions are paid to Smart Kitchen Affiliates based on web visitor referrals that purchase one of Smart Kitchen's Subscription Plans or one of our Gift Subscription Plans. There is also a Free Trial that should allow your viewers to experience Smart Kitchen and know it is right for them before buying a subscription.

*Please Note: In the event of a special price promotion, commissions are adjusted accordingly; please refer to the "Smart Kitchen Affiliate Terms & Conditions” for more specific details as you Sign Up to Become an Affiliate.

How Do You Start as a Smart Kitchen Affiliate?

Currently, Smart Kitchen use as its affiliate commission platform. Established in 2000, ShareASale provides award winning technology and service which will enable Smart Kitchen to connect with a network of established Affiliates as well as recruit new ones like you to our program. Sign Up as a ShareASale Member to Join Their 2,500 Existing Affiliates – Start the Process of Becoming an Affiliate on this Page.

We'll Work with You as a Smart Kitchen Affiliate

We have a lot of content and can identify select videos, recipes, resources or tips that apply to your interests, your site or blog, or those of your site visitors. We are also always working on writing/shooting/creating more content as well. Contact Us via Email to Get More Direct Assistance and Better Content for Your Site to promote Smart Kitchen.

What Does It Cost Me to Become a Smart Kitchen Affiliate?

Not a thing. We cover the costs of video and web page delivery. All you need to do is refer the traffic, and Smart Kitchen will handle the rest of the work.

Do You Have Any Questions or Comments?

Let us know. We will try to answer them. Drop a line to our Affiliate Partner Managers @ [email protected] to get an answer to your question.