It Ain’t Broken in Hoboken – Fiore’s Deli Since 1913

Fiore’s Deli

If it ain’t broken they better not fix it. That’s the message we have for the guys at Fiore’s. They have been doing it right for almost 100 years, since 1913. You can taste the old school care in every bite of their beyond great Buffalo Mozzarella. Its made on the premises, in the same fashion as the very first batch. It is rumored that Frank Sinatra preferred Hollywood over Hoboken but he could not make a clean break. He would not leave behind the tastes of his boyhood roots. Every week an air shipment of Fiore’s Buffalo Mozzarella arrived in California. We did not see Frank on our visit, but we could tell walking in the door why he loved Fiore’s.

If you visit Hoboken don’t miss it. As one of the local, (very local) regulars told us the place hasn’t changed a bit “Since I staaahted comin’ here. The shelfs, those pig feet dey bin here since I was 7. And I’m forty seven. Its just the same.” He went on to tell us that “Dat guy, dat one there, he was a kid when I first came here.” That kid is the man on the phone and minding the pot in our video.

Fiore’s Deli – 414 Adams Street  – Hoboken, NJ  – 07030-2693  – (201) 659-1655

Fiore’s has a slide show and some ordering information on The Fiore’s Deli Web Site which one of the brothers set up to ship their cheese-a-riffic joy all over the country.

Fiore's Deli Hoboken, NJ Breads

Don't Forget to Pick Up Your Sandwich Bread

If you do go, remember to grab your fresh baked bread from the bin, (rolls or heros on your right, as you face the counter) and bring it to the counter men to load up with your choice of deli sandwich fixings. The “forgetting the bread move” can get you out of synch (that’s the nice term) with the line of hungry locals, who order in a New Jersey patois, that is a joy to hear. A joy to hear unless directed at you, the interloper, keeping them from their sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, seafood salad or buffalo mozzarella.

And next to last thing, it can get crowded, with lines out the door and part way up the block. Fiore’s lines don’t rival Carlo’s Bakery’s lines (the other local Hoboken food phenomenon) but they can put a dent in your schedule. Now last thing, check out the daily specials. Some days like this past Saturday, they’re special.  Nuff said.

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Fiore's Deli Hoboken, NJ from the Street

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