Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana

Don Alfonso Pizza from Pomo

The Quatro Stagioni

We have been hearing the buzz about Pomo for months now but have not been able to visit and sample the Verache Pizza Napoletana because Mrs. P Chef has been on a Gluten-Free diet for 4 months now (as a way to try and combat headaches). She unreasonably requests that we eat at places where she can find a filling, satisfying Gluten-Free Meal.

She even phoned Pomo in advance in December 2010 to see if they had any Gluten Free Pizzas, but being true to the ancient traditions requires gluten in the pizza dough. I am a lover of tradition as you can tell from the posts about what James Madison or Thomas Jefferson ate here or there and was dying to try authentic Neopolitan pizza. I am not against modern items either, in general if it is good, I like it, but there is a special place in my heart for the foods of our ancestors.

Perhaps Mrs. P Chef’s headaches stem from an insistent husband but she gamely tagged along (as did our friends Steve and Debbie). Mrs. P Chef had a nice salad, which is pictured below. I had the Buffala D.O.P. and was very impressed with the lightness, and crunch. The San Marzano D.O.P tomato sauce was excellent as was the signature buffala (buffalo) mozarella. The price is not light, $13-$17 for our pizzas but as experience, or an outing we thought it was worth it and will go back.

Buffala DOP Pizza

The Buffala DOP Pizza at Pomo

Before you go crazy asking yourself about the D.O.P., let me explain. D.O.P. stands for Denomination of Protected Origin in Italy. Did that help? Maybe not. In English we might call it a Protected Denomination of Origin, which means that the product so designated is made, processed and produced in a specific geographic area that has been thoroughly surveyed and certified. The reason for the claim is that certain regions claim to produce superior product by virtue of the land/climate. Think of Champagne, the most famous case. If that sparkling wine is not produced in the Champagne it is technically not allowed to use the name.  A similar term is Protected Geographic Indication, which means that at least one stage of the production of the product occured in the designated region.  So why does all that matter?

Buffala Mozarella from Pomo

A Gluten Free Side Dish Ordered for Mrs. P Chef

Come try Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana and find out for yourself. The Italian Buffala makes a difference, as do the San Marzano Tomatoes which are a good reason they named the joint Pomo (tomato in Italian).

The Parma Pizza

Mrs. P Chef's Gluten Free Roma Salad

They don’t have a Caesar’s Salad at Pomo but the Caesar substitute is the Roma Salad which Mrs. P Chef enjoyed. I hope she liked it enough to go back. If not the desserts, might be a draw.

Croccante alla Crema

The Croccante Alla Crema

The Croccante is a mixed nut basket, filled with mascarpone cream and topped with fresh seasonal fruit. 


Semifreddo Di Mandorle

The dessert above is the semifreddo di mandorle, which means semi cold in Italian but I have to admit I ordered it because I have always wanted to try the dish that is inexplicably linked up with the Godfather Series in my brain. The semifreddo is a traditional Italian dessert which is a very light cold mousse topped with amaretto cookies. I enjoyed mine but mostly from the place of being food curios. On my next visit I may be enjoying the Tiramisu.

Lastly, if you can’t visit in person, you might get a kick out of the History of the Pizza that Pomo has on their web site.

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