That’s Not Rhubarb

Red Celery photo, Red Celery, Larry Pierce, Duda Foods

That's Not Rhubarb, Its Red Celery

Going forward you best double check your Rhubarb, to make sure its not actually Red Celery.

This week celery was genetically modified, the safe old fashioned way, by generations of plant breeding since 1991. Larry Pierce ran the project which started with European Heritage varieties and ended this week with the unveiling of Red Celery at a produce trade show in Florida by Duda Farm Fresh Foods which cultivates 39,000 acres in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia & Michigan. 

Americans use an average of just over 6 pounds of fresh celery per person per year. If you plan to make red celery part of your diet, look for Red Celery in Stores around December 1, 2010, just in time for holiday cooking & centerpieces.

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