Exercise 1: Welcome to Basic Knife Skills
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Exercise 1: Welcome to Basic Knife Skills

Knife Skills are the foundation of cooking. No matter what you cook or how you cook it, the primary and essential skills needed to achieve success will always begin with your knife. As your blade skills improve, your presentations become more appealing and the amount of preparation time you require for your meals diminishes. In Basic Knife Skills, we will explore the knife-the chef’s paint brush-and you will learn how knives are the foundation of cuisine.

We begin by looking at Knife Construction, Knife Maintenance and Various Knife Type's. Next, we discuss peeling, a natural prerequisite for many of the vegetables we will be working with to demonstrate the basic cuts. Once the vegetables are prepared we will begin actual work with our knives in “Squaring Off” and then move into the Cuts Matrix, where we will learn how to derive many of the classic cuts. Master the knife topics, practice them, and your knife will become your best friend in the kitchen.

Handling, using and working with knives is, by definition, dangerous. In the following Topic's and throughout Smart Kitchen's Cooking School, you're responsible for your own safety. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted. Remember, accidents can happen! Keep your fingers, toes and everything you don’t want cut, out of the path of the knife. Wear shoes when you are handling knives. If you go slowly, study the safety tips, and use common sense, you will be fine. Let's Get Started!