Steeling Your Knife
Exercise Checklist:
Estimated Time
1 Minute
Kept Knife Edge
Tools & Equipment
  • Chef's Knife
  • Knife Steel
  • Kitchen Towel

A “Steel,” is used to touch up an already existing or “established” sharp edge. As you work with your knife, cultivate the habit of steeling your knife between jobs or cutting food at home.

If your knife is soiled, wipe your knife off before steeling it. Remember, there are no medals for Steeling Speed and your fingers should always remain behind the guard. If your Steel does not have a guard, you should consider purchasing a replacement. Let’s get started and watch Teaching Chef, "Wield the Steel!"

Teaching Chef stresses drawing the Steel down and away from you, to avoid injury. He also runs the whole blade down the steel to prevent "hills" or "hummocks," being worn into the knife. The angle of the knife blade to the steel, should be the same as that used when Sharpening on a Stone (between 20°- 45°) depending on what is specified by your knife’s manufacturer and what is comfortable for you. It shouldn't take too many passes on the Steel to regain a sharp edge. If your edge is not quickly forthcoming with the steel alone, you may need to reestablish your edge with a sharpening stone.

"Preview and Process," the video until you get it down! When fully comfortable with your desired motion and angle Steeling Your Knife, it's time to move on and learn about Different Types of Knives to Steel, Culinary Use and Maintenance.