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Have you ever dreamt of cooking like a chef, but never had the time or funds to do so? Do you frequent fancy restaurants, or follow cooking shows and wish you could do that? Are you tired of watching celebrities cook and still missing that critical step? Maybe it's time you considered learning how to cook, the smartest, easiest way, by joining Smart Kitchen™.

Smart Kitchen™ is a dynamic cooking school attended at your own pace and in your free time. We are an avocational (not for a vocational degree) culinary school, providing anyone with the interest & dedication, an opportunity to learn how to cook like a chef from the comfort of their own home. In no-time, students will be confidently, consistently, creating chef-level, healthful, tasty meals at lower costs than they thought possible.

Based on the industry changing teaching aid in use in over 1,700 culinary institutions around the country, (including, Air Force One, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines & Leading Universities) Smart Kitchen, for the first time, is being offered to the general cooking public at an affordable introductory price of $9.99 a month to reach out and improve the meals of the Republic. There is a food revolution brewing. Be a part of it. Bring cuisine to your life.

We've found that many students who watch the shows and read about the meals are frustrated with their own dishes, and their ability to improvise or deviate from a recipe. Smart Kitchen was designed to eliminate the "gaps" between the recipe, the recipe translation, the required techniques and actually creating a dish that the chef can be proud of. We take you from repeating recipes to truly learning to cook.

The answer depends on you, and where your starting line is. Each student comes to the Smart Kitchen™ with their own existing experience and each can move at their own pace and according to their own schedules and/or interests.

One focused student may be able to digest the Foundation in a week but not complete all the practical exercises. Another student may take a month or more. At Smart Kitchen, we encourage the "Preview, Process, Practice"™ approach, whereby you read & watch a lesson, think about it, and then try out the technique a few times. If you don't have it all the way down, you practice some more. There is just no knowing how everyone will progress but this is how we learned and we know that it works. So much depends on your diligence, your initial skill level and your ability to absorb and integrate the material.

And after the Foundation, there are over 150 Intermediate Topics and even more Advanced Topics (currently) in SmartKitchen.com. Once all the lessons are learned, and incorporated into your repertoire, there are still over a thousand (and growing) recipes to try. Not to mention a Smart Kitchen Community to grow with!

A full time Culinary School can cost over $40,000 in cash and the opportunity costs of your years of time. We charge a small monthly fee ($9.99) but deliver up most of the lessons you find in a Culinary School, including the little secrets. And best of all, you can take all the lessons on your schedule. If you are looking for a cost effective solution to a world class education you found the right place.

Our course of study is designed to be simple and clear for an individual, on their own, but for more thorough coverage we do have:

  • An "Ask the Chef" feature to email questions to a trained chef.
  • Live Web Casts, periodically, where you can participate with other members across the country.
  • The possibility of a one on one chef cast (at an additional charge) for you, or your party or event.
All these extra communication opportunities are there for you if you get stuck.

That's great! You are in an enviable position and you know better than anyone, you can still likely raise your game. You may be surprised at how many techniques you'd improve with a little instruction or refinement or even refreshing. You may have it all down, but the odds are that you'd find a lot of value in Smart Kitchen.

Smart Kitchen, based on the educational technology behind the leading culinary teaching aid used in over 1700 culinary institutions, is a great study aid for anyone in Culinary School.

Who wouldn't benefit from a "Review" before that big test, or that practical exam? A lot gets thrown at you, pretty quickly, in school, and in a class room or Teaching Theater, you can miss the nuance or that critical step. Something might not sink-in. With Smart Kitchen you are right up front. You can replay the lesson to catch anything you missed and improve your education, the return on your tuition dollars and end up a stronger chef.

If you are considering culinary school, you can "audit" or preview culinary school with Smart Kitchen. It can't hurt to get a feel for it, or to be ahead of the others when you show up for your first day of classes!

The concept that resonates best with an expert chef is: "Refresh." Unless you perform them frequently, it is almost impossible to remember every technique, well enough, to please yourself or your guests. When was the last time you broke down a lamb? How about constructed an Ice Sculpture? Many culinary schools and chefs use Smart Kitchen as a quick resource to refresh techniques last used beyond their recent memory.

Also for a professional chef, Smart Kitchen™ is an appropriate training tool for your staff, to bring them up in the culinary arts. Wouldn't it be great to stretch your training hours (and dollars) to include even the times when you can't be the coach over their shoulders? You'll be amazed at the progress your people can achieve for just a few dollars a month with some focused culinary web training.

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