Oven Roasting a Rump Steak
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Because the Rump Steak is a larger and tougher cut of beef, it may benefit from a Slow Roasting more than from a Grilling over high heat. The added benefit of roasting a big steak, like Rump Steak, Round Steaks or large Sirloins, is that the vegetable sides can roast right alongside the meat in the Roasting Pan with little focused attention required of the chef.

A day or so before you wish to roast the large steak, you may want to Marinate it in the refrigerator and/or Rub it for extra flavor and tenderness. Before you begin, Temper the Rump Steak (or similar) for 30 minutes to an hour so that it is at Room Temperature so that it will cook evenly and remain juicy. You may also consider Pounding it before cooking it. If you have not already prepared your Rough Chopped Carrots, Onions, Potatoes and Celery, there is time to chop them while the steak Tempers.

If you chose not to rub and marinate  the steak in advance, you may want to rub it with seasonings like salt, pepper or a pre-mixed rub while you preheat the oven to 450° F (232° C).Before placing the steak in the oven to roast, Searing the meat over High Heat to Brown it is a good idea. About a minute or two per side should do it. Depending on your views about using additional pots or pans, you can sear on High Heat in the roasting pan (provided it is durable) or use a separate Skillet. 

Depending on the route taken, once seared, either transfer the steak from the skillet to a roasting pan to which you have already added the vegetables or move the Roasting Pan to the oven. You may want to place a bed of vegetables under the Steak before the Roasting pan goes into the oven. Do so by lifting the Steak(s) with Tongs and adding in a bed of vegetables before returning the steak to the Roasting pan. Finally, with the sear accomplished, insert an Oven Proof Meat Thermometer into the thickest part of the steak to monitor its progress in the oven.

You can also accomplish searing the Steaks with the oven, saving clean-up, by Roasting the Steaks(s) with High Heat, we suggest 450° F (232° C), for 25 minutes uncovered. They should brown nicely at which point you can reduce the heat to 300°F (149° C) and Finish Cook the steaks to Medium or Medium Well.

Because of its tougher nature, a Rare Rump Steak will be overly chewy and undesirable. As a rule of thumb, after the initial 25 minutes, Roast the Rump Steak for approximately 8 more minutes per pound for Medium or until the meat thermometer displays the proper Pull Temperature,™ that which is five degrees below the desired Final Cooking Temperature which in the case of Medium would be a Pull Temperature™ of 155° F  (68.3° C). At this point, remove it from the oven and let it Rest and redistribute the meat juices. Carry Over Cooking will take the Rump Steak the rest of the way.

If you have a musical curiosity, as well as a culinary one, you may find Fats Waller’s 1939 song, Rump Steak Serenade (the link goes to YouTube) the perfect musical accompaniment as you roast your own Rump Steak.