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Beef Au Jus is a Traditional Accompaniment to Prime Rib.
Gremolata can be made 6 hours ahead of time and stored covered in the refrigerator.
Adding Herbs de Provence to Oil & Vinegar Transforms it.
Are you Tired of Store Bought Soy Sauce? Try making a Soy Sauce from Home!
Preparation The bulk of the work in this recipe is in the Preparation, the second of Smart Kitchen’s 4 Levers of Cooking. Begin with the Onion. Dice the Onion to a Macédoine. Prepare the Papaya so that the skin and seeds are removed and then take the flesh down to a Macédoine...
Peach Salsa is a refreshing example of a Fruit Salsa, that you can make as described, or use as a base for further experimentation to showcase your own personal Flair, the fourth of Smart Kitchen’s Four Levers of Cooking.™ Preparation The Preparation (the second of Smart Kitchen’s Four Levers of Cooking™) is most of the job when making this Peach Salsa...
A Simple but Grand Accompaniment to a Roasted Prime Rib.
Preparation We call for a slightly stale Baguette in the ingredients above but in practice any flavorful bread, stale or fresh, will work to make Bread Crumbs. Fresh bread will just have to be dried out so that it will crumble and not crush and compact when under pressure. The fresh bread can be dried by Toasting it in a 350˚ F (177˚C) oven for about 15-20 minutes...
An Aioli is an Emulsified Sauce.
A Tart Twist on America's Condiment
This Chicken Wing Sauce is Quick to Make!
Black Garlic is a Tasty Option for Many Asian Dishes!