Lemon Rice
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Recipe Checklist:
  • 1 Cup Filtered Water
  • 1 Cup Chicken Stock
  • 2 T Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 2 t Whole Butter or Margarine
  • 1 C White Long Grain Rice
  • 1/4 t Dried Basil
  • 1 t Fresh Lemon Zest.
  • 1 ΒΌ t Ground White Pepper.
Tools & Equipment
  • Meduim Saucepan
  • Measuring Cup
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Zester
Estimated Time
25 Minutes
Serves 4
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The preparation for this Lemon Rice is fairly straightforward. The most time consuming preparation step will be, if you elect to start from scratch, making the Chicken Stock. The flavor will make a big difference and creating Chicken Stock is very doable if you Organize and plan ahead.

Let’s talk about the Rice a second before we prep it. We are using a Long Grain White Rice (Minute Rice and Converted Rice won’t work well here) because it is a Starchy Rice and will hold its shape and cook up with separated rice grains. Medium Grain Rice and Short Grain Rice will tend to be too sticky and clump up.

With the Rice choice explained, our first step is to rinse the Long Grain White Rice. We are rinsing it to remove excess starch so that there is even less of a chance of encountering any stickiness. Place the Rice in a fine mesh Strainer and rinse it under cold running water until it is running clear. This should take around 2 minutes. Once it is rinsed, remove it from the faucet and give it a good shake, without tossing the rice grains all over your kitchen.  Let it sit and dry while you move on to prepping your other produce.

The prep of the produce is really only Zesting the Lemon before Juicing it.


With all of the ingredients prepped and waiting in your Mise en Place, we can get started. Begin by placing the filtered Water, Chicken Stock, Whole Butter, Long Grain White Rice, Dried Basil, Lemon Zest and White Pepper into a Sauce Pan.

Bring the preparation to a Boil, using High Heat. Once a Boil is achieved, lower the cooking heat to Low Heat and get a nice Simmer going before covering the Sauce Pan with its lid. Simmer gently for about 20-30 minutes or until all of the liquid is absorbed into the Rice and the Rice is cooked to an Al Dente texture. Give the Lemon Rice a gentle stir. It is ready for service.

Serve Immediately as a Side Dish, or as a base upon which to plate other items. You can also hold it for 2-3 hours hot for service. Lemon Rice can be done up to 3 days ahead of time and re-heated for service.

Once made, Lemon Rice can be refrigerated for 2-3 days or frozen for up to 3 months. To freeze let the hot Lemon Rice Temper to room temperature and then freeze it in an airtight container such as a Ziploc bag or Tupperware, etc.