Turkey Gravy
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Recipe Checklist:
  • Cooked Turkey Trimmings & Jus
  • 1 Qt Chicken Stock
  • 4 oz Cooked Blonde Roux
  • 6 oz Whole Milk
  • Salt and Pepper to Taste
Tools & Equipment
  • Roasting Pan
  • Sauce Pan
  • Kitchen Spoon
  • Kitchen Towel
  • Spatula
  • Ladle
  • Balloon Whisk
Estimated Time
20 minutes
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Gravy is generally defined as a Sauce made from meat juices, often combined with Stock or Milk, and Thickened with a starch. Gravies tend to break down into two categories, Pan Gravies and Reductions.

Simple Pan Gravies are built upon a reduction made from the Jus and Fond of cooked Proteins, such as Meat, Fish or Poultry. A Thickened Pan Gravy is a little more complex and subject to lumping, but easily manageable. The Smart Kitchen Turkey Gravy will take advantage of the pan Jus from our roasted Perfect Turkey and enhance them with Chicken Stock and a Blond Roux to make a Thickened Pan Gravy.  

To begin, reserve the Jus and Fond from the Roasting Pan where your Turkey was cooked. Add in any trimmings from the Carving of the Turkey and hold them all together in the roasting pan held over Low Heat on one or two stove top burners. If your Turkey Carving has progressed well and you are finished with it, you can also include any spare turkey bits or pieces in the roasting pan to brighten the gravy.

We will use a Blond Rouxwhich is similar to a White Cooked Roux but cooked longer to give it more color, to Thicken the Turkey Gravy. The Blond Roux can be made at the moment, but it is best prepared in advance. Preparing it in advance will allow you more focused attention to get it right, meaning without lumps, and also will allow the Blond Roux to cool down to room temperature or cooler. Having the roux cooler than the sauce it will thicken is another trick to help avoid lumps.

The first step in turning our Jus into Gravy is to extend it because there is probably not enough Turkey jus to satisfy the gravy cravings of your guests. We use the Milk and Chicken Stock to extend the jus. Simply add the chicken stock and the milk to the roasting pan on the low heat. Stir all of the ingredients together. Let them Reduce together for 8 to 10 minutes.

After the ingredients have reduced, it is time to add the blond roux. It is best when using Roux as a thickener to add it in batches. Take a portion of your blond roux and add it to the roasting pan. Use a Balloon Whisk to disperse it throughout the Gravy. Repeat the process until all of your blond roux is in the gravy and incorporated.

Let the gravy sit on the low heat for a few minutes (2-3) as you stir all the ingredients to fully incorporate them. Check the consistency. Is the gravy as thick as you like it? If it is, use a Ladle and remove your gravy to a serving vessel like a Gravy Boat.

If it is not thick enough, let it have some more time over the heat source until it reaches the desired consistency when it will be ready to Hold or serve.