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Preparation We call this Grill Seasoning for Chicken “basic” because it makes a good foundation from which to make your own custom blends. After you have made it once or twice, feel free to customize it to suit your Palate. Doubling the input in this recipe will double the output...
Method To make a Powdered Sugar from Granulated Sugar and Corn Starch, put all of the ingredients into a Blender. Blend the ingredients until they reach the consistency of a fine powder. Let the Powdered Sugar sit for 15 minutes before use. Be aware that, as with most substitutes, the consistency and texture of the ultimate dish may be altered by using a homemade version of Powdered Sugar...
Method Sift all of the ingredients together in a Mixing Bowl. Once finished, hold them in a jar, or other airtight container, in a cool dark place.