We have some exciting, nutty recipes from our friends at Fisher Nuts®
Fisher Nuts® Recipes

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A South of the Border Classic with the Addition of Fisher® Pecans!
This fresh, green market- driven slaw is a great example of Flair in that it starts with a non-traditional coleslaw vegetable and then has some further creative touches like Almonds and Raspberries.
How do you improve upon everyone’s favorite carrot cake? Deconstruct it!
Dress up your meals with this delicious side dish recipe — featuring slivered almonds.
Fisher® Nuts shared this nice twist on a classic dessert.
A very pretty, sophisticated seasonal dessert.
This great Caramel Roll recipe has been improved with the addition of Fisher® Pecans
Enjoy the taste of a fresh twist on cranberry apple crumble in this colorful and tasty dessert.
Why not add Fisher® Nuts to a Waldorf Salad!