Arroz a Banda
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Arroz a Banda literally means, “Rice Apart” or “Rice on the Side.”

Historically the Arroz a Banda is served as a first course, with the Fish that made the stock itself, but it can also be served with an entree. On the modern menu it is usually served alone so that it can be made with cheaper types of fish like, Rockfish or Scorpion Fish.

Arroz a Banda is a fishermen's dish which is made (in various iterations) in port cities and on coast runners all over the Mediterranean and the Levante. Denia, on the coast south of Valencia in Spain, for example, is known for its Arroz a Banda. Smart Kitchen’s version of an Arroz a Banda Recipe can be found by following this link.

The Pasta version of Arroz a Banda is called "Fideuà al Estilo de Gandia."