Bain Marie
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Bain Marie is a pot/storage metal container (with or without a lid). A Bain Marie is used for storing, cooking, holding and reheating foods.






They typically come in 1,2,3,4 and 5 quart sizes.


Culinary Uses

The Bain Marie is useful for making an improvised Double Boiler, Bain Marie (Mary’s Bath in French) has also come to mean a hot water bath. While practically interchangeable, the Bain Marie is the “sister” of the Double Boiler, and typically used more for baking as in chocolate, cheesecake, charcuterie, custard, and confection-making.

The Bain Marie is also found in “dry heat” versions where a heating element lies below both pots. This can be useful in making and serving Fondue, or as a substitute for a chafing dish.