Barnvelder Chicken
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The Barnvelder Chicken is classified as a Continental Chicken because this little bird was originally from the town of Barnvelder in Holland. Today it is the most popular dual purpose/utility breed in the country of Holland because it does well in damp, cold, windy climates.

The breed is active and flighty and will likely need its wings clipped if it is to be kept in a yard.


The Barnvelder Chicken has a single comb and a few color varieties, including: double laced partridge, black, blue-laced, white, and silver.

Culinary Uses

It is used for both Egg production and Meat production because the medium sized birds can grow to 6 or 7 lbs (2.7 kg to 3.2 kg) and still lay 180 to 200 large, light-brown eggs a year.