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A Batter, from the French word battre, meaning “to beat,” is a mixture of liquids and Grains that are Whisked (or beaten) together to form a semi-liquid product.







Culinary Uses

With the exception of Foams, a Batter is only in its pre-cooked state, afterward, will be called by the name of the final product, such as a Pancake, Crêpe or Cake. 

Batters can be thin (Crêpes) or thick/heavy (Quick Breads and Cakes), depending on the ratio of liquids to solids. The liquids used, usually Water or Milk (in fresh or soured form) could also include Broth, Wine or Alcohol (using Beer also adds aeration). 

Flour is by far the most commonly used grain in a Batter, but nearly any grain can be used. Eggs are often part of the mixture; they add coagulation to the finished product. To provide some lightness, leavening agents such as Baking Powder or Baking Soda are sometimes added. Or the Batter has air beaten into it, or good old-fashioned whisking.

It's often beneficial to let Batters rest so the Flours can hydrate fully, to swell and thicken the Batter.

Different types of Flour and Grains produce various results, with All Purpose Flour being best for some applications. While lower starch Flours, are best for other Batters.

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