Biennial Plants
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A Biennial Plant is a flowering plant whose normal life cycle spans 2 years. In the first year of life the Biennial Plant grows its vegetative structure (leaves, stems and roots) before entering a period of dormancy for the fall and winter months. In the following spring or summer, the stem of the Biennial Plant bolts, (elongates greatly) and then the plant will eventually flower and produce fruit and seeds before dying.

In practice, a plant's status as Annual, Biennial, or Perennial often changes based on where it is grown (climate, precipitation) and how the garden is managed. Biennials grown for flowers, fruits, or seeds need to be grown for two years so they will flower and fruit. Biennials that are grown for their edible leaves or roots are more commonly grown as Annuals. True Perennials flower every year once they are mature, while Biennials take two years to flower their one and only time.


There are far fewer biennials than either perennial plants or annual plants. CeleryParsleyOnions, and Carrots are examples of Biennial Plants.