Black Winter Truffles
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Black Winter Truffle is an imprecise term, often used to confuse the ignorant into over-paying for more common Truffles. Black Périgord Truffles are both “Black” and harvested in “Winter” but so are black Chinese Truffles and Oregon Black Truffles. When discussing prices of hundreds of dollars an ounce, the distinction matters.

In general, if someone is selling Black Perigord Truffles they are wise to use the appropriate name to justify their higher prices. Again, in general, if someone is marketing Black Winter Truffles, they are not likely the Périgord Truffle, or they would be promoted as such. The Black Winter Truffle may still be a decent but not fabulous, Burgundy Truffle or Brumale Truffle. Adjust your spending accordingly and you will be ahead of the game.

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