A Bouquet Garni, is a tied bundle of herbs used as a stock enhancer, with a bouquet for the nose to enjoy.
Bouquet Garni
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A Bouquet Garni, as the French name suggests is a garnish with a bouquet for the nose to enjoy.

A Bouquet Garni is not a stock but a stock enhancer. Classically, it consists of fresh thyme, bay leaf, and vegetables such as leek, celery and carrot, and parsley stems. Stems are used because if the parsley leaves are included your stock would turn green.


Alternate versions include wrapping the Bouquet along with various fine herbs, pepper corns or garlic cloves inside a savory leaf (like a leek) or vegetable (like celery) and then wrapping the whole first leaf with additional leaves to form a tubular bundle which is then bound closed with Butcher’s Twine. The same wrapping process can also be accomplished with a piece of cheese cloth.

Culinary Uses

Traditionally, the herbs are bound together like a bouquet, hence the name and held in place with a string tie. The amounts of each depend on the stock being made. If a mirepoix has already been used, the vegetables would be somewhat redundant.

When you are ready to take the stock from the stove, remove the Bouquet Garni with a pair of tongs and discard before straining your stock.