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Bread Crumbs, sometimes called Breading, Crumbing, or Crispies, are crumbled pieces of dry Bread.


There are two broad types of Bread Crumbs used in cooking: Dried Breadcrumbs and Fresh Breadcrumbs.

Dry Breadcrumbs are made from dry breads which have been baked or toasted to remove almost all residual moisture. In fact, they are so dry they may even have a sandy or powdery texture. Dry Breadcrumbs are most easily made by drying Bread in an oven on Low Heat and then pulverizing them in a Food Processor.  If you don’t have a Food Processor, a similar result can be achieved by Grating the dried Bread on a Box Grater.

Fresh Breadcrumbs are made from softer, fresher bread that is a little stale but not as dry as Dry Breadcrumbs.  When they are pulverized, they form larger particles.  Fresh Breadcrumbs are most often used for Stuffings and Croutons.

By the way Bread has both a Crumb and a Crust. The Crumb is the softer inner portion. The Crust is the tougher outer portion. Bread Crumbs are often made from the Crumb without the Crust but it is not mandatory.

The Japaneses variant of Bread Crumbs is called Panko.

Culinary Uses

Bread Crumbs are used most often for Breading product prior to Pan Frying, Deep Frying, etc.

Bread Crumbs are used this way to coat Schnitzel, Cutlets, Scaloppine, Chicken Nuggets, Escallopes, Tonkatsu, Fried Chicken, Chicken Fried Steak, Veal Parmigiana, Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeno Poppers, some Onion Rings, etc.

Breadcrumbs can be unadulterated or made into Seasoned Breadcrumbs with the addition of Spices, Peppers, Herbs, etc.

Bread Crumbs can also be used in cooking as a topping for Casseroles, an ingredient in Stuffing, a Medium Impact Thickener and a Binder.

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