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Carry Over Cooking is a term that describes how meat and vegetables continues to cook for 5-10 minutes when removed from any heat source and can increase its internal temperature by 5 to 15° F in that period. As makes sense since the outer perimeter of the meat is closest to the heat source, meat temperatures are hottest around the outer perimeter and cooler in the center. Carry Over Cooking allows the residual temperatures to move in, toward the center.

Culinary Uses

In practice, chefs have learned to take their meats off the heat source at a lower temperature and then allow them to rest and finish cooking to reach the Final Cooking Temperature desired.  Resting also allows the meat juices to be redistributed throughout the meat, since as meat cooks the fibers contract pulling the juices towards the center of the meat. Off the heat, the fibers relax and the process reverses itself improving the tenderness and juiciness of the entire cut of meat. It is particularly important to consider Carry-Over Cooking for larger cuts of meat when trying to achieve specific Final Cooking Temperatures for RareMedium RareMedium or Well Done. Resting meat can sit out uncovered on a cutting board for the 5-10 minute resting period, or be covered loosely with aluminum foil to retain some heat. The choice depends on how much Carry-Over Cooking you want to induce.