Cashew Oil
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The best Cashew Oil is dark yellow Oil pressed from a single cold pressing of the Cashew Kernels (the Cashew Nut) using either a hydraulic press or a mechanical press with a slowly rotating screw. Because whole Cashew Nuts are so valuable at retail, Cashew Oil is typically made from the broken cashew chunks that are inevitable created during shelling and processing.

Culinary Uses

Cashew Oil is useful for enhancing the flavor of light salad dressings, dipping sauces and Sautéing fish.

There are a number of people who are allergic to Cashews. Individuals can experience symptoms ranging from a rash, to deadly anaphylaxis. Always be careful to alert your diners to the presence of Cashews and/or Cashew Oil in your cooking.


Cashew Oil is a Monounsaturated Fat (54%) with 18% Polyunsaturated Fat and only 16% Saturated Fat. It also contains useful plant sterols (mostly beta-sitosterol) , some important fatty acids and some Vitamin E, which makes it a desirable ingredient in lotions.

Edible, Cashew Oil, made from Cashew Nuts, should not be confused with toxic and caustic Cashew Nut Oil, which is made from the Cashew Shells and is also called Cashew Shell Oil, Cashew Nut Oil and Cashew Balm.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie