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The original Chicken Nugget was the McNugget created by McDonalds® in 1979, which has significant fillers and extenders. Needless to say, the fast food versions (and the frozen food versions) of Chicken Nuggets are not the tastiest or healthiest forms of Chicken you can serve.

Chicken Nuggets are a world unto themselves. In theory, Chicken Nuggets are Chicken meat that is Ground and then mixed with Spices, Salt and Herbs before being spread on a tray to the desired thickness, covered with foil and frozen. After freezing, the Chicken Nuggets are cut out in the preferred shapes and breaded.  Smart Kitchen’s Recipe for Chicken Nuggets demonstrates the process.

In reality, Chicken Nuggets can be made at home from scratch as described above to reduce waste from your Broken Down Chicken, but most are manufactured on an industrial scale, with all of the unpleasant industrial shortcuts and economizing. Think Pink Slime, Reconstituted, etc. and you are not far off.

Chicken Nuggets are also commonly known as a kids’ meal and appetizer or finger food, but what exactly are they? Basically, Chicken Nuggets are a Breaded, Fried, White Chicken Meat served in a convenient nugget shape. 

Homemade Chicken Nuggets using the Smart Kitchen Chicken Nuggets Recipe are a much better choice.


Typically not

Culinary Uses

Chicken Nuggets should be Pan Fried, Deep Fried, Sautéed or Baked for service.

Gluten Free

Typically not

Low Fat

Typically not