Clotted Cream
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Clotted Cream is also known as Devonshire or Devon Cream.

Its butter fat content is 55% to 60% and is a thick, rich, almost yellowish cream with a consistency close to soft Butter and a scalded or cooked flavor.


It is an unpasteurized Cream product that is made by heating raw Milk to about 145°F (63°C) or until almost scalded, then refrigerating it and skimming off the Clotted Cream when it is cold. The end result is usually 55% to 60% butter fat, though it can go as high as 70%.

Culinary Uses

The Devon or Devonshire name comes because Clotted Cream was traditionally served there with Tea & Scones. It is still a specialty in Devon, England, reportedly because of their Dairy Cows and the forage which make such a high fat content product.

Smart Kitchen has a recipe to imitate Clotted Cream in More Complex Breakfast, the Advanced Level Breakfast Lesson.

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