Use & Care of Glass or Glass Ceramic Cookware
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The following general tips are useful for using and caring for Glass or Glass Ceramic cooking equipment, utensils and cookware.

  • Allow your glassware to slowly transition from extremes of hot or cold. Glass bakeware or cookware can be refrigerated and heated in an oven, but not, one immediately after the other. Changing temperatures too quickly risks cracking. Glass bakeware can be taken from the refrigerator and with a brief rest at room temperature, put into a preheated oven.
  • Stovetop glass cookware but should also rest between extremes of temperature.
  • Similarly, sudden cooling can risk cracking glass cookware.
  • As a rule, glass bakeware should not be used on the stovetop or under the broiler. Make sure your glass ware is meant for the stovetop before using it there.
  • Heat-resistant glass stovetop products should usually be used with a wire grid on an electric range.
  • Hot glass cookware should not be allowed to come into contact with wet countertops
  • Hot glass cookware should not be placed in water while still very hot.
  • It is usually recommended to use these glassware and glass ceramic items at slightly lower oven temperatures for a shorter length of time because the covered cookware retains heat and continues cooking food even after it’s removed from the oven. A rule of thumb is to reduce the recommended oven temperature about 25° F (14° C).
  • Check the manufacturer’s recommended care and use instructions before using any glass, ceramic and glass-ceramic bakeware.
  • Glassware and Glass Ceramic ware are usually cleaned with hot sudsy water and soaked if food has been burned on the item.
  • Avoid knives, sharp kitchen tools, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the original smooth finish. This is especially important for ovenware with nonstick interiors.
  • Nylon and plastic scrubbers are acceptable for stubborn sticking problems.

Cracks in your ceramic ware can hide germs and old cooking grease. Cracked ceramic ware should be discarded as soon as possible.