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Baste means to circulate cooking liquids, (or Marinades), over, onto and into food that is being cooked. Most often a Baster, Basting Brush, Basting Spoon or kitchen spoon is used to baste.

Basting food as it cooks helps the product stay moist, flavorful, and evenly browned.

Culinary Uses

Typically, Basting re-circulates Rendered Jus and Fat found in pan drippings, efficiently reusing them while removing them from the bottom of the Roast which could become soggy if left sitting in Jus.

If the food is lean and does not release enough fat on its own for basting, a number of different fats can be used to Baste the product. Whole Butter, Oil, Fat-based Marinades, etc. are all good candidates. Water-based liquids are poor choices since they don't contain Fat, which is an insulator. 

Smart Kitchen has an Exercise on Basted Eggs, which demonstrates the right way to perform the technique.