USDA Choice is the Second Best Grade of Beef.
Choice Beef
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Beef Choice is the most preferred grade because of its high quality, abundant availability and consequently reasonable pricing. More than half of the domestic beef sold is "Choice."

The most important thing to remember is that without "USDA" in the grading label any designation like "Choice," "Select," or "Prime" on a package of meat is almost worthless. The terms alone can mean anything the butcher wants them to mean and there is no fine or punishment for using those value-laden terms independently. If you see, "Choice," "Prime" or "Select" by itself on a label be very skeptical and inquire before spending your money. The meat department has razor thin profit margins and unfortunately, misleading customers and deception is one way to improve profits for some.

Culinary Uses

Though Choice usually has less fat than Prime Grade it still has plenty of intramuscular fat for good taste and Mouth feel. Choice beef is tender enough for Dry Heat Methods like GrillingRoasting and Broiling.