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Gratiné, also known as Gratinée, Gratin, or Au Gratin refers to a recipe or dish that is topped with Breadcrumbs and Cheese and then Baked or finished under a Broiler or Salamander to form a golden, cheesy crust.

The word “Gratin” comes to English from the French “Gratter” which (no surprise here) means “to Grate” or “to Scrape.” Because the “scrapings” of Bread were used, the technique came to be called “Gratinee.”

A dish cooked Au Gratin is traditionally served in the dish in which it was Baked.  A Gratin or Gratin Dish can also refer to a type of round/oval, oven safe dish in which a Gratinée is Baked.


Many different foods can be prepared Au Gratin, from starches like Noodles to starchy vegetables like Potatoes, to green vegetables like AsparagusArtichokesLeeks or Mushrooms, to lighter meats such as Fish and Seafood (for example Sole au Gratin).

Sauces, especially Béchamel Sauce or Mornay Sauce, are often used when making a Gratinée.

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