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Panada is a term that refers to any non-fat (meaning not made from Fat) Binding Agent that is used as a filler or binder in Forcemeats. The use of Panada is one of the reasons that French Forcemeats are so delicate.

The term Panada can also mean a bread-like soup, typically Italian, which we will call Panada Soup.

Culinary Uses

Panadas are often used in binding Fish (Pike, Salmon, Sole, Trout) together to make items like Fish Mousseline (which tend to be grainy without a binder to smooth them out) Panadas are also used to aid in emulsification, especially in Vegetable Terrines (which don’t have enough protein to bind on their own). Liver Mousse is an example of a product where a Panada is used as both a binder and an emulsification aid.

In practice, Panadas are often made from Bread, Breadcrumbs, Flour, Grains, etc. They can also be made from stale, crustless white bread soaked in milk, or even a heavy Bechamel Sauce. Rice can also be the basis for a Panada. Smart Kitchen has a Recipe for a Bechamel Panada, a Bread and Cream Panada and a Flour Panada in our Recipe Section.

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