Corned Beef
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Corned Beef is typically made from tougher cuts of the steer like Brisket or Flank, that is “Corned” or brined in a mixture of, at least, salt and water but potentially a whole cabinet of complementary spices . The brining mixture is called “corning” because in the older, pre-refrigeration days when the Corning was used as a primary method of preservation, the salt grains used were larger and resembled corn kernels. 

Today with refrigeration, beef is still Corned, but less for preservation and more for flavor, texture, Tenderizing and tradition. The Brining, that can last weeks, is an opportunity to both break down the fibers of the tougher cut and impart flavors, like malty beer or Pickling Spices, to the meat. Corned Beef is often finish-cooked by boiling it for a few hours, a Moist Heat Method, that completes the tenderizing of the meat.  Corned Beef & Cabbage with a Horseradish Sauce is a mainstay of traditional Irish St. Patrick’s Day meals and of Jewish Delicatessens on the Lower East Side of Manhattan such as Katz’s.