Cotoletta alla Milanese
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Cotoletta Alla Milanese, as the name suggests, originated in Milan, and is a Bone-In Cutlet that is Breaded, then Pan Fried in Clarified Butter. Any Clarified Butter remaining in the pan is often poured over the Cotoletta alla Milanese just prior to service.

Traditional Cotoletta Alla Milanese uses milk-fed Veal, but modern preparations are made with Chicken Cutlets, and even Pork Cutlets.

Cotoletta is often confused with Scaloppine but the two terms mean different things. The word Cotoletta comes from the Italian word “Costoletta,” meaning “Little Rib” and a Cotoletta is made with a Bone-In Cutlet where a portion of rib bone remains attached during cooking and service.

Scaloppine is made with a Boneless Cutlet.


There are also variations of Cotoletta Milanese such as Cotoletta a Orecchio di Elefant (Elephant Ear Cutlet), which is De-boned and then Pounded. A Pork Tenderloin is most commonly used in this preparation, which makes a thinner, flatter Cutlet that takes on the look and shape of an Elephant’s ear. Today, the quick and easy Orecchio di Elefant is the most common preparation in Italy for home cooks, though Milanese Chefs still resist serving the dish at restaurants.

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