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Country Fried Steak is closely related to Chicken Fried Steak, which in turn is closely related to Austrian Wiener Schnitzel, Italian or Latin Milanesa or even Scottish Collops.  Think of it as a “Southern Fried” Chicken Fried Steak and you won’t go far wrong.

It should be noted that some places also refer to Salisbury Steak, which consists of chopped Beef covered in Brown Gravy, as “Country Steak” and the two dishes should not be confused.

Culinary Uses

Country Fried Steak is made from a Tender, or Tenderized, piece of Steak, often Cube Steak or Swiss Steak, that is Dredged in a series of washes, dips and / or coatings. Typically the meat is lightly coated with Flour, Dredged through an Egg Wash or Egg Batter and then heavily coated with Seasoned Flour before being Pan Fried.

At Smart Kitchen, our opinion is that the egg dip or egg batter is the major difference between a Country Fried Steak and a Chicken Fried Steak. Other experts make the distinction based on whether Brown Gravy or White Gravy accompanies the steak. We don’t think the gravy should define the dish, especially when some of the original cowboy Chicken Fried Steaks from the open-range used no egg wash, because the chuck wagon cooks, working without refrigeration, infrequently had fresh eggs. We don’t plan to fight on this one but are trying to make some distinctions for educational purposes. Smart Kitchen’s Country Fried Steak Recipe will stick to your ribs.

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