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A Croquette (from the French “croquer” meaning “to Crunch”) is a small, fried rolled food, often covered in bread crumbs and containing a filling. Though the addition of breadcrumbs occurred around the 18th Century, Croquettes are actually variants of the earlier Roman-era Rissoles (which used a pastry-like coating instead of bread crumbs).

Culinary Uses

Common fillings for the Croquette include: Mashed PotatoesBéchamel Sauce, and/or Ground BeefGround VealGround Chicken, or Ground Turkey. Croquette’s can also include ShellfishFishCheese, Vegetables, EggSautéed OnionsMushroomsSpicesHerbs, wine, Milk, beer or even drenched bread. The fillings in a Croquette are limited only by the imagination of the chef.

Croquettes can be served as snack (usually with a dipping sauce), AppetizerHors d’Oeuvre and main meal, but is most valued for its ability to travel. Croquettes are popular in Europe, Asia and the Americas and are subject to regional culinary influences.

A Croquette is usually made into a cylindrical, circular or oval shape and then Deep-Fried. Croquettes can be found on menus worldwide and are presented as both a delicacy and as fast food.

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