Like a Glove Needs a Hand, A Knife Needs a Cutting Board.
Cutting Board
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When working with food, you need at least one appropriate cutting surface so that your knife blade has a friendly place (for the knife and the counter or table top) to work. Some homes or commercial establishments have designated wooden counters but in most homes, utting boards satisfy the need.

In the old days, there were two kinds of cutting boards: wood and plastic . These days, there are many options including composite boards and bamboo boards in addition to the old staples like butcher blocks.

If you can afford (the space & the cost) of having a few cutting boards, you should consider it. Having extra cutting boards allows you to handle simultaneous cutting tasks, (without the risk of cross-contamination) and will also give you the freedom to use different boards for different purposes. 

Culinary Uses

A board used as a firm surface for cutting food.

If you are interested in learning more about the Use & Care of Cutting Boards follow the link.