City Dressed means Drained of Blood and Plucked but with the Head and Feet and Viscera Intact.
City Dressed Chicken
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City Dressed Chicken is a Chicken drained of blood and plucked with the head, feet and Viscera intact.

City Dressed Birds are not frequently found any more. One of the reasons is that any grading of City Dressed Poultry is based exclusively on an external inspection of the carcass.


City Dressed Poultry fails inspection if any of the following are found: Decomposition (slippery or slimy condition, putrid or sour odor, greenish cast over the back and between thigh and rib), Emaciation, Bruises or Mangling (in excess of that permitted in C quality), Visual Evidence of Disease (such as abnormally dark flesh or skin, external tumors, and abdominal accumulations), or a Dirty Bird (dirty head, carcass, feet, or vent; bloody head or carcass; green vent; feathers on the carcass).