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Estouffade has two meanings in culinary circles: the original meaning and the modern meaning.

The original meaning of Estouffade was a type of rich Brown Stock made by Auguste Escoffier in the “Golden Era” of French Cuisine. Escoffier’s Estouffade Stock was made from Beef Shin Bones, Veal Knuckles, Raw Ham, Pork Rind, CarrotsOnionsParsleyThymeBay LeavesGarlic, and water. In the Larousse Gastronomie, the Escoffier version of Estouffade, including ham and fresh pork rind, is also listed as Fond Brun Clair, or light Brown Stock.

Culinary Uses

Escoffier’s Estouffade was used as a base to start other sauces, to enhance them or dilute them if they had gotten too thick. Estouffade was also used for Ragouts and Braises.

The modern meaning of Estouffade is more a variant of Braising. In modern vernacular, Estouffade is a cooking technique which refers to a type of French Braise whereby the Meat is Marinated in wine before being Seared and then very slowly Braised in a small volume of liquid in a tightly covered pan.

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