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When the term “Eye” is used to refer to a cut of meat or in the name of a cut of meat, it does not mean the ocular eyes with which we see. It does not always even refer to a more tender cut of meat. It purely refers to the oval shape of that portion of the cut.

The term refers to slices of a long tubular muscle that runs length wise inside a larger cut of meat. It is often delineated by a seam of fat and connective tissue. Think of it as a large salami shaped muscle running nose-to-tail inside the larger cut of beef.


Some of beef “Eyes” are Eye of Chuck, Top Loin Eye, Rib Eye, and Eye of Round. The Eye of Chuck and Rib Eye are cut from the Longissimus Muscle, while the Eye of Round is from the Round Primal Cut and made up of the Semitendinosus Muscle.