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The Fish Fillet is usually the entire side of a Round Fish or Flat Fish with the backbone removed. Fish Fillets are longer, bilateral cuts taken from the left or right side of the spine (in the case of Round Fish) or above or below the spine (in the case of Flat Fish). Round Fish yield 2 Fish Fillets. Flat Fish yield 4 Fillets (2 from each side).

 Always serve and eat fish with bread at hand in case an overlooked fish bone becomes lodged in the throat. If a fish bone becomes stuck in the throat, eating a mouthful of bread can sometimes help dislodge the bone by forcing it down the throat.

Even though Fish don’t technically have legs, some marketers are starting a movement to sell Fish Loins cut from the Fish Fillets of larger Round Fish. Their idea is to use the term Fish Loin to point out the prime portion of the Fish Fillet.


Fletch is a large boneless Fillet cut from a large fish such as SwordfishHalibut or Tuna.


Purchasing a Fish Fillet is often the easiest way for the home cook to deal with the multitude of small bones frequently found in fish.  Be aware that no process is perfect. A Fish Fillet should be de-boned but may still contain a few overlooked bones.

Culinary Uses

The typical Fish Fillet is White Meat, with perhaps some Dark Meat around the edges, and is tender.  It’s best suited to cooking by Dry Heat Methods such as GrillingSautéingPan FryingRoasting, etc.

Skin-on or Skin-off Fish Fillets from larger fish (Sword Fish, Tuna, Halibut) can be further butchered into Fish SteaksSuprêmes of FishEscalopes, etc.