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A Flavor Profile, of a food, sauce, or whatever, is the combination of flavors experienced when it is tasted. As we learned in Lesson 3: Food Preparation Basicsthe primary flavors are : Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty & "Umammi." These five) flavors are what we can taste with our tongue and mouth. All other flavors we experience are actually scents. How the basic flavors balance and relate is the "flavor profile" of the item. In industry, Flavor Profiling can become very specialized and precise, including added flavors (actually smells) and how they relate to the Primary Flavors. In some cases even sensory impressions like texture or mouth feel are identified and categorized in formal procedures for describing and assessing the aroma and flavor of a product so that it can reliably be reproduced or compared to other products. Essentially, a Flavor Profile is a description of the relative intensity or aromas, tastes, and aftertastes in a food.