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Resources > Food > Cooking Oils > Nut Oils
Almond Oil is a Monounsaturated Oil Useful for Medium High Heat.
The best Cashew Oil is dark yellow Oil pressed from a single cold pressing of the Cashew Kernels (the Cashew Nut) using either a hydraulic press or a mechanical press with a slowly rotating screw. Because whole Cashew Nuts are so valuable at retail, Cashew Oil is typically made from...
A Saturated Fat Oil.
Hazelnut Oil is a Monounsaturated Oil Useful for Medium/High Heat.
A Polyunsaturated Oil useful for Medium/High Heat.
Peanuts are the third major oilseed globally behind Soybean Oil and Cotton Seed Oil. Low-grade or culled peanuts not suitable for the edible market are used in the production of Peanut Oil. The fat makeup of Peanut Oil also helps it resist Rancidity. Varieties Refined Peanut Oil...
Pecan Oil, made from Pecan Nuts, has a light nutty flavor that is still neutral tasting, which allows Pecan Oil a certain versatility. Purchasing When purchasing Pecan Oil, check these items first. 1. Best by Date. Look at the bottles "Best Buy Date." Pecan Oil should...
Walnut Oil is a Polyunsaturated Oil. Un-Refined it is Good for Medium/Low Heat. Refined it is Good for Medium/High Heat.