Olive Oils are one of the most Storied and Misunderstood ingredients in the Kitchen!
Olive Oils
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Resources > Food > Cooking Oils > Olive Oils
Extra Light Olive Oil indicates Color Not Caloric Content.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the Most Pure Form of Olive Oil and Should have the Most Fruity and/or Grassy Notes.
Olive Oil is the "Grand Dame" of Cooking Oils and can be Processed a number of ways for various Uses.
Pomace Oil is the Lowest Quality of Olive Oil.
Though Olive Oil is Known as a Medium Heat Cooking Oil or a Salad Dressing Oil, Refined Olive Oil has a Higher Smoke Point and can be used for Higher Heat Applications.
Unrefined Olive Oils are Olive Oils that are not Chemically Treated. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil are Examples.
Think of Virgin Olive Oil as a little less Special than Extra Virgin Olive Oil.