Rangpur Limes
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Rangpur Limes are of Indian origins and has importance mostly in the Far East and South America. It is often used as rootstock to cultivate other citrus varieties. It was introduced to America in the late 19th century by the Reasoner Brothers who had a nursery in Oneco, Florida. The Rangpur lime was just one of several non-native exotic fruits that the Reasoner Brothers would bring to American.

Rangpur limes have the appearance of a Mandarin or a Tangerine on both the outside and the inside. Their peel is thin, semi smooth with shallow indentations. It clings loosely to the flesh, which at maturity is orange in color, tender, juicy, with seeds and very acidic. Its acidity is more comparable to a Lime, which may be the reason it was adopted as a Lime. Unlike most MandarinsRangpur limes do not give off a sweet citrus aroma, rather more of a clean lemon lime scent.


Rangur Limes are available November through January.

Rangpur Limes contain about 20 calories and low amounts of carbohydrates, dietary fiber and vitamin C.
Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie