Sanguinelli Blood Orange
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Sanguinelli Blood Oranges are from the rich citrus growing regions of Spain. It is a hybrid variety that evolved from unknown parentage. Growing regions and climate play a critical factor in the intensity of the flesh's color and the level of Pigmentation that occurs in the skin. Large temperature fluctuations - hot days and cold nights - provide for a more intensely colored blood orange.

The Sanguinelli Blood orange is a slow maturing late season sweet orange variety. It gets its signature Pigmentation from the natural occurring plant compound, Anthocyanin. It is the same compound found in Pomegranates, which share blood oranges' trademark coloring.

Sanguinelli Blood oranges are roughly rounded in shape with a semi-thin, smooth red-blushed peel that clings to its juicy and sweet segmented flesh. The flesh is stained with a consistent dark cherry color and though its flavor is supreme, as with most blood orange varieties, it does contain numerous seeds.


Sanguinelli Blood Oranges are available in the Winter and Spring.


Sanguinelli Blood Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and low in calories and offer dietary fiber.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie